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The finale of Smallville Season 10

The finale of Smallville Season 10 - The finale of Smallville Season 10, which will also be be the series finale, will be 2-hours episode that will air on Friday May 13, 2011. The episode will be split in two: we'll have "Finale, Part 1" and "Finale, Part 2":

Paying homage to 10 seasons is no small task, and wrapping up each character and story arc has been extremely important to everyone involved in the show. We’re excited to be able to make the final moments of SMALLVILLE a television event, as the character we’ve grown up with makes his legendary transformation
Executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souder

So impatient to see the finale, but so sad at the same time that it will be the last episode of Smallville.Michael Rosenbaum confirmed that he will be back as Lex Luthor for the finale of Smallville Season 10!

About Smallville Season 10:
Title: Smallville Season 10
Genre: Superhero/TV Series
Tom Welling as Clark Kent,
Erica Durance as Lois lane,
Allison Mack as Chloe,
Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen / Green Arrow
Premiere date of Smallville Season 10 :
Friday September 24, 2010
Smallville Season 10 Episode Guide

Here's the episode guide of Smallville Season 10 which will premiere in October 2010:


Smallville S10x01 Lazarus
The season premiere picks up where the finale left off. Lois finds Clark's lifeless body and removes the blue kryptonite enabling him to heal himself. However, Lois sneaks away before Clark fully awakens in order to protect his secret. Meanwhile, Chloe is desperate to find Oliver, so she turns to an unlikely source for answers. Jonathan returns to the Kent Farm with a message for Clark, and Tess awakens in a LuthorCorp lab.

Smallville S10x02 Shield
After Lois departs for Egypt, the Daily Planet hires a new reporter by the name of Kat Grant to take her place. An assassin named Deadshot takes aim at Kat but Clark learns the man has a dangerous hidden agenda that involves The Blur. Meanwhile, Carter Hall turns up in Egypt to keep an eye on Lois and he tells Lois about his wife Shayera.

Smallville S10x04 Homecoming
In an attempt to cheer up Clark (Tom Welling), Lois (Erica Durance) convinces him to attend their five-year high school reunion. A visit back to the home of the Crows has Clark remembering old times with Lana (Kristin Kreuk) and Chloe (Allison Mack), while Losi is furious that no one remembers her five days as a student. Brainiac 5.0 (James Marsters) uses his Legion ring to visit from the future and takes Clark through his past, present and future. He shows Clark what really happened the night Jonathan died, Oliver's (Justin Hartley's) current pain and Clark's future at the Daily Planet with Lois and his role as Earth's favorite red and blue superhero

Smallville S10x05 Isis
Thanks to an Egyptian relic, Lois gains superpowers and goes a crimefighting spree... bringing her to the attention of Cat Grant, who assumes Lois is Blur. Meanwhile, Oliver and Clark have no choice but to turn to Tess for help when dealing with Lois when she gets in over her head.
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