Sunday, February 27, 2011

tt0274518 - What is tt0274518?

tt0274518 - What is tt0274518? Go to Google and type in "tt0274518". Piss yourself laughing.What is tt0274518? It is now a breakout in several countries, tt0274518, What the crap is tt2074518? The keyword tt2074518, sometimes tt2074518 laugh, just wondering what is this alpha numeric characters? tt0274518? They say type just type “tytt2074518” in the google search bar and you will see something funny. Here are the steps they say Step one: Go to google Step two: type “tt0274518” Step three: Press enter Step four: Laugh They say it’s a funny image of a ladies animated breast The only thing that shows in the google search page is Gayniggers from Outer Space (1992) – IMDb Directed by Morten Lindberg. Starring Coco C.P. Dalbert, Sammy Salomon, Gbatokai Dakinah. Extraterrestrial beings travel the galaxy to free men “oppressed” by females to make way for an entirely-homosexual society. tt0274518 is the movie listing number every listing on imdb starts with tt then numbers Read more: What is tt0274518?
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