Sunday, February 20, 2011

158.723 PostSecret Post Meaning

158.723 PostSecret Post Meaning :: PostSecret is a blog that I follow the unique concept for the deployment of random notes and secrets left by strangers in bookstores and libraries across the United States. It’s the equivalent of going through the recognition, but done in the venting publicly anonymous. Anyone can read and published at the end of most of the notes by the officials who run the PostSecret. I think that half of the majority of readers and participants in the site are those that have left her memoirs (often very creative artsy way) with the hope to see a little bit of “dirty” of secrecy in the open. The notes are usually short, and some subtle, and often dark. 

However, it did not really feel the desire to put down a comment about anything on the site until today when I saw that caught my attention: “I have a case of 158.73 and turned me in this kind of libraries that I hate” The idea was already there: the library. This got me thinking that 158 723 is a classification in the library Dewey Decimal System. The research revealed rapid in the knowledge that focuses on psychology 158. 

Deviant ideas emerged corrupt library through sexual contact in my head and given that most of the work published in PostSecret often revolve around this particular topic. Then again, not the last line makes no sense: “This kind of libraries that I hate,” which means that this particular “distinct” is common for the profession. Annoyed with the attention, and continued to dig deeper and eventually found on the agenda sub-categories that determine the .723 and other relevant subjects to stop.
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