Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nicole Santos virus hits Facebook, trends on Twitter

Nicole Santos virus hits Facebook, trends on Twitter - "Who is Nicole Santos and why should I vote for her?" This was the question on the top of netizens' minds late Thursday afternoon in the wake of a widespread virus attack.

Early in the afternoon of May 12 in the Philippines, untold scores of Facebook users found the following message posted on their walls, apparently by people on their Friends lists:

"F**k you f****t. Go kill yourself. Vote for Nicole Santos. I hate you and the only way to remove all these posts is by disabling this below."

At the bottom of the post was a button marked, "==VERIFY MY ACCOUNT=="

Unbeknownst to victims, clicking the button allowed a virus —now informally known as the "Nicole Santos Facebook Virus"— to access their Facebook accounts and redistribute itself and the message to other accounts.

According to TheNextWeb, the hoax is perpetrated by way of a malicious script.
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