Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Single Player Spoiler

Modern Warfare 3 Single Player Spoiler - They fled to Dharmasala, India, where they were attacked by troops Makarov. in this first game the player will play as Yuri, a son Nikolai fruit. Their hiding places and they have been known to escape by helicopter.
After that we will be brought to Manhattan, where Russia launched an offensive into the city from the ships anchored in the Hudson River. Then the Americans called the Delta Force team to mengcounter their attacks. Here you will play as Frost, a member of Delta Force under the leadership of Sandman. Your job is to mesnyabotase tower atop the New York Stock Exchange to open chance U.S. forces hit back.
Furthermore, Delta Force went out of town by Blackhawk, the player will shoot all the enemies until the helicopter arrived at the destination in order to destroy the enemy's submarines. Russian place of command coordinates all the attacks.

Then the flow of the game will jump to the next 6 months. Here you play as a Russian agent in charge of guarding the Russian president who was on his way to sign a peace treaty with America. The plane they were traveling was attacked by pirates on the air in order to kidnap the president and their daughter. The daughter managed to escape. Russian President already in hand, Makarov vowed to prevent all forms of peace efforts with the U.S. by trying to seize the president's attack code and launched an assault on America.

Game back the focus to the Price, Soap and Yuri, who is now in Africa to find Makarov. They met a local resident in South Africa who is also a weapon seller who provides information regarding the shipment of chemical weapons ordered by the Makarov. They then went to Sierra Leone to secure weapons from militants in Africa.

Furthermore, players will berperas as a member of the SAS troops who have the duty to stop shipments of weapons of mass destruction at the port of London. Gun fights occur and the player being chased to get into place in London's subway. The mission ended with a series of explosions in front of parliament that release deadly chemicals.

Several other cities and military bases in Europe was attacked by a terrorist attack similar to that backed by Russia. The death rate reached ten thousand souls. The series of attacks using hazardous chemicals are paving the way for Russia to launch an offensive to cross the continent.

Price found that the sellers of weapons from South Africa was betrayed them and they immediately go to Somalia for the traitors and interrogated. The information obtained, the right hand Makarov, Volk is currently located in Paris.

The focus of the game is now moving in Hamburg, Germany. Here the players act as a tank gunner in charge of Russian troops who beat back supported by armored vehicles.

When Hamburg fell, the game re-focus to the Price et al which is currently located in France. Players re-role as Frost, supported by the French elite troops, led an assault on the hideout Volk in an old burial ground in the city. Furthermore, the player acts as an AC-130 gunner to help Frost on the ground troop movements.

After capturing and interrogating Volk, Frost knows that Makarov would conduct a meeting in Prague hotel. Players play as Yuri, where he shared Soap sneak into the city which is now controlled by Russia and prepare a surprise attack to Makarov of a church bell tower. Makarov, however managed to escape. Soap, Yuri and Price had to struggle to escape from the city.

Yuri led the team to a base in the mountains Chezhnya Makarov and the team tried to control headquarters to look for clues. They eventually learned that the ultranationalist forces holding the president and trying to get the code from her attack. Makarov also turned out to already know where the president's daughter hiding. The team immediately went to Berlin to thwart the kidnapping of the princess business. Play as Frost, the player must find the princess and protect her while browsing the city of Berlin which was destroyed by war. The princess was captured and taken away.

Frost then headed the Kremlin where an attacking army and freed the hostages, but Makarov managed to escape.Last mission in this game are located in Dubbai, where Yuri, Price and Sandman launched an assault on a hotel with a high level of security, managed to find a Makarov and akhinya managed to kill him.
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