Thursday, April 14, 2011

Watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona live Online

Watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona live Online - El Clásico (Real Madrid vs Barcelona) So the two big rivals from the Spanish side will face each other in the Spanish Primera Liga match on Saturday 16 April, 2011. Barcelona is at first place in the La Liga table with 84 points and Real Madrid at second with 76 points. That means Barcelona is 8 points ahead Real Madrid and if Real Madrid could get three points from this match, better the chances for them to win this season. Also, Real Madrid and Barcelona are going to face each other in the UEFA Champions League Semi Final on 27th April 2011. So both teams are surely geared up for the action. Real Madrid have better head-to-head record against Barcelona and also, Real Madrid has amassed 73 trophies while Barcelona 70. Last match between Barcelona and Real Madrid was played back in November 29, 2010 where Barcelona defeated Real Madrid by 5-0.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona Match Details:
Spanish Primera Liga El Clásico
Real Madrid vs Barcelona
Date: 16.4.2011
Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu
Kick off time: 21:00 GMT

Official Live streaming of this match will be available here just before the match kicks off
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