Monday, April 18, 2011

Prediction of Final Copa del Rey Real Madrid vs Barcelona

Prediction of Final Copa del Rey Real Madrid vs Barcelona - El Clasico match at Santiago Bernabeu last night to make Barca keep the eight-point advantage at the top of that eternal rival.A draw was assessed Puyol who participated last night played for 58 minutes, making the match at Mestalla when they return to face Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey final will start from the beginning again because he thought a draw was not going to affect anything.

Head to head Real Madrid vs. Barcelona:
13 Dec 2008 Barcelona 2-0 Real Madrid (printer Goals: Eto'o (83), Messi (90)
02 May 2009 Real Madrid 2-6 Barcelona (printer Goals: Higuain (14), Ramos (56), score for barcelona Henry (17, 58), Puyol (19), Messi (35, 75), Pique (83)
November 29, 2009 Barcelona 1-0 Real Madrid (printer Goals: Ibrahimovic (56)
April 10, 2010 Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona (printer Goals: Messi (33), Pedro (56)
November 29, 2010 Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid (printer Goals: Xavi (10), Pedro (18), Villa (55, 58), Jeffren (90)

"I do not think this match will affect anything. The final match is always different. We had two perfect games and I'm sure it will be amazing," said Puyol as reported by "We are optimistic and this will be a tight final between two great teams fighting to get that trophy," he continued.

Regarding a draw at the Bernabeu last night, Puyol was Barca deserved to win. Barca captain said, "I think we played a good game. We can win, but failed to do so."

In the game last night, Puyol must exit the field before one hour because of a hamstring injury that made him uncomfortable. However, he feels might be able to play in Valencia for the second game of a series of four games El Clasico.

"I am very glad to be back with the team. I have talked to the coach and told him that I was able to play.'s Been three months I did not play and the El Clasico is an ideal opportunity to return to play," said the Spanish national team player 33-year-old. "However, I still feel discomfort in my hamstring. We'll wait and see how its development. I hope to perform in Msetalla, but not sure what I'll play," he continued.

The two teams will meet at the top of the Copa del Rey match on Wednesday (20 / 4), which will take place at the Mestalla Stadium, Valencia. Barcelona until recently was the largest winner in the Spanish Cup with a record 25 times out as the champion the last time they won in 2009.

As for Madrid, it seems that this final game will be an excellent manifestation of great ambition capital of the Spanish club because they've never won the Copa del Rey again since last time.
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