Wednesday, April 20, 2011

internet Carphone Warehouse Winner 2011 : Facebook, Skype and Angry Birds

internet Carphone Warehouse Winner 2011 : Facebook, Skype and Angry Birds - Event award for activist industrial applications and Internet services Carphone Warehouse, the first time held in London England. Who are the winners?The event was organized by the famous presenter Richard Hammond, and some artists that share the award as many as 10 categories for best application. His election based on their own, the best sales in a variety of platforms and voice applications from the public.

And for the best game application categories fall and given to the Angry Birds. Rovio buataan application is indeed shake the world with a simple Game but addictive, even the English Prime Minister David Cameron also liked it.

Launched by the Telegraph, Tuesday (04/12/2011), although free application dominating the awards, but not the least paid applications that helped steal the award.Besides Angry Birds also appear Spotify, a streaming music service, and bookstore Amazon who won the best music applications and best lifestyle.

Other winners in the remaining categories, including Skype, video chat and instant messaging best, eBay for application best fashion photography and Photoshop for the best. Sky Sports News won the best sport, and Google Maps for the best map service.
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