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ARSENAL vs MANCHESTER UNITED Live FA Cup - Manchester United and Arsenal Preview
The Red Devils are still unbeaten in the English Premier League as they host league leaders Chelsea. The match will take place at Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester, England on Monday, December 13, 2010. Kickoff is scheduled for 20:00 GMT (UK time), 21:00 CET (Central Europe), and 15:00 EST (USA Eastern).
Manchester United v Arsenal TV Listings
It will be televised on ESPN 2 (USA), TSN 2 (Canada), C+ Sport (France), C+ Futbol (Spain), Sky Sport (Germany), Sky Sport (Italy), Abu Dhabi Sports (Middle East), Sport TV1 (Portugal), Sport 1.1 (Netherlands), and on Sky Sports 1 (UK).
Manchester United v Arsenal Preview
Man U manager Alex Ferguson
“The games, particularly four or five years ago, were so important because both of us were challenging for league titles,” said the boss. “Chelsea have now come in and it’s been ourselves and Chelsea over the last five years.
“Nonetheless, it’s Manchester United against Arsenal and the history of both teams always guarantees a match of intensity and, a lot of the time, controversy.
“I think Monday’s game will be more or less the same because the pride and history of both clubs determines that.”
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